Tuesday Seminar Series: "Dictators and Democrats: Masses, Elite, and Regime Change"


Tuesday, March 22, 2016, 12:00pm to 2:00pm


CGIS South S-250, 1730 Cambridge St.

Speaker: Robert R. Kaufman, Distinguished Professor of Political Science, Rutgers University


Professor Kaufman will highlight some of the major findings of his forthcoming book with Stephan Haggard. The talk will focus on how economic inequality and political institutions have affected the stability of democratic regimes emerging throughout the world during the “third wave” of democratization.  The implications for the future of Latin American democracies will receive particular attention.   


Robert Kaufman is Distinguished Professor of Political Science, Rutgers University.  He has recently completed a new book manuscript, Dictators and Democrats: Elites, Masses, and Regime Change, forthcoming in 2016 from Princeton University Press.  Other books include Development, Democracy, and Welfare States: Latin America, East Asia, and Eastern Europe, 2008), coauthored with Stephan Haggard. He is also co-author (with Stephan Haggard) of The Political Economy of Democratic Transitions, winner of the 1995 Luebbert Prize for the best book in comparative politics, awarded by the Comparative Politics Section of the American Political Science Association, and he is co-editor (with Joan M. Nelson) of Crucial Needs, Weak Incentives: Social Sector Reform, Globalization and Democratization in Latin America, 2004.