Lila Caimari

Lila Caimari

de Fortabat Visiting Scholar
lila caimari

Lila Caimari holds a PhD from the University of Paris. She is an Independent Researcher at the Council of Scientific and Technological Research (Conicet), and a Professor at the Post-Graduate Program in History at San Andrés University, Buenos Aires. She has published extensively on the history of urban crime, the police and the prison experience in Argentina, including While the City Sleeps, Pistoleros, Journalists and the Crime Beat Before Peron (California University Press, 2016). Her latest book, La vida en el archivo. Goces, tedios y desvíos en el oficio de la historia (2017) is a collection of writings about the practice of historical research. She is the author of numerous articles and book chapters about the social and cultural history of modern Argentina. She currently works on the history of news and news circuits in Latin America.

Project: News From Around the World. The Newspapers of South America in the Age of the Submarine Cables

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