Who We Are

Founded in 1994 by then-President Neil L. Rudenstine and alumnus David Rockefeller, DRCLAS is an inter-faculty initiative, with offices in Brazil, Chile, and Mexico, positioned to be intellectually poised to respond to real-world changes in the Americas resulting from democratic transitions and economic restructuring. 


Our Team

Jimena Codina

Jimena Codina

PROGRAM MANAGER, Cuba and Andes & Southern Cone Programs
Pilo Mella

Pilo Mella



Jimena Codina

Jimena Codina

PROGRAM MANAGER, Cuba and Andes & Southern Cone Programs

Faculty Leadership

Executive Committee

Fifteen senior faculty members who serve three-year renewable terms meet with the Director and Executive Director each month to advise on Center policies and operations.

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Policy Committee

Over one hundred faculty members from across Harvard's schools meet each year to guide the Center's development and to recommend candidates for the RFK Visiting Professorship. 

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Program Leadership

view of Machu Picchu

Andes & Southern Cone

waterfall in Brazil


hammocks in Guatemala

Central America & the Caribbean

bridge in Cuba


painted skulls in Mexico


painting on a brick wall

Art, Film, & Culture

Visiting Scholars & GSAs

Visiting Scholars

Each year DRCLAS selects a number of distinguished academics and professionals to spend time at Harvard working on their own research and writing projects.

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Graduate Student Associates

GSA positions are designed to facilitate and supplement a student’s independent research toward their PhD or advanced professional degree on topics related to Latin America. 

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Advisory Committee

The DRCLAS Advisory Committee continues to be a singularly important source of counsel and support for the Center. Advisory Committee members, as well as members of the Brazil Office Advisory Group in São Paulo and the Regional Office Advisory Group in Santiago, provide critical advice and support. 

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