Faculty Grants

New Application Process
The David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies is pleased to announce an update to the application process for the Faculty Grants Program. To better serve the faculty, the program will now review Faculty Grants applications on a rolling basis, every three months. A response to the application will be communicated within four weeks of the application deadline.

Application DeadlineFiscal YearPeriod of Performance
March 15, 2017FY18July 1, 2017 to June 1, 2018
November 1, 2017FY18November 1, 2017 to June 1, 2018

The program will accept only one proposal per faculty applicant per year, and will not fund multiple or repeat applications for the same project from collaborating faculty members. The committee gives priority to faculty members who have not previously received grants but will consider consecutive funding for course-based projects, on a case by case basis.

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: The applicant must be a Lecturer, Assistant, Associate or full Professor employed full-time by Harvard University in any Harvard Department or School.  Applicants from the Harvard Medical School must be an Assistant, Associate or full Professor actively teaching Harvard students at the time of application (undergraduates, GSAS-enrolled Ph.D. students or students enrolled in the two HMS MD programs). Final decisions about eligibility will be determined during the review process.

AVAILABILITY OF FUNDING: The DRCLAS Faculty Grants program distributes $212,000 per year.  However there often are considerably more worthy proposals submitted than can be funded.  Under the new review process proposals will be evaluated for how well they advance the mission of the center.  The review committee will recommend full funding to the DRCLAS executive committee for as many proposals as possible.  Regardless of the requested budget, the ability of the applicant to leverage funding from DRCLAS with funding from other sources is viewed favorably.  Applications with total budgets exceeding $20,000 will always be expected to involve other contributors.  When the budget does not allow funding of a worthy proposal, the staff of the center will help the applicant identify other organizations or individuals that may be able to provide funding, in full or in part.

APPLICATION: The application package must include the application form, a proposal, letter(s) from any collaborating institution, a detailed budget with a list of other funding sources, and a five-page C.V. of the faculty applicant.  In preparing a proposal, the applicant should remember that DRCLAS is a University-wide center and therefore reviewers may need brief background information to fully appreciate what might be of obvious importance to someone within a particular discipline.

REAPPLICATION: In cases where additional clarity or details about a proposal would help the review committee decide on funding, the committee may invite resubmission of a proposal for the following application deadline.  Proposals resubmitted in the absence of an invitation will not be evaluated.

Faculty Grants may not be used to cover or supplement faculty salary, research staff salary, student stipends, administrative salaries, indirect costs, or to purchase computer hardware or other office-related equipment. Additional restrictions may apply, at the committee’s discretion. If you have any questions regarding the application process or the eligibility criteria, please contact Edwin Ortiz, Manager of Academic Services, at (617) 496-1588.

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