Remote Summer Program (RSP)

Next Deadline: February 8, 2021 

The Remote Summer Program (RSP) enables students to:

  • Foster an international, professional enrichment experience

  • Learn about Latin American culture

  • Practice and enhance language skills

This program is, and will continue to be, under development and responsive to today's global challenges. 

Program Overview


  • The Remote Summer Program (RSP) offers students the opportunity to engage with Latin America in a meaningful manner that will help shape professional skills, cultural knowledge, and language capabilities.

  • Students that enroll are expected to maintain flexible, proactive, and positive attitudes towards their enrichment opportunities.

  • Students will be assigned a DRCLAS staff member who will serve as their program supervisor.

  • Students will complete a final presentation about their experience, and report to the DRCLAS team and its partners.

  • All participants will attend a required orientation meeting, in order to receive training regarding participation standards.

  • Students will adhere to the DRCLAS Conditions of Particiation, which will be reviewed in a mandatory orientation session.

  • Students that fail to match the program's participation and/or conduct standards as previously mentioned will be removed and fined a program fee.

Program Dates

  • June - July 2021


The RSP is only open to students that were already admitted to SIP 2020.


  • Admitted students who confirm interest in the RSP will be considered to be placed with a local host organization for a mutually beneficial, professional enrichment opportunity. 

    • DRCLAS will work to re-place all students who demonstrate interest in collaborating with a different host organization, as is appropriate to their skillset and interests. 

    • In the event that DRCLAS cannot secure a host organization placement for a student, the student will be notified. 

  • Students will be enabled to virtually contribute in a meaningful manner to their host organizations current needs and demands.

    • Work, tasks, and projects may be different than previously expected, given our current global challenges; however, students will maintain an active and necessary role within their placement. 

  • Internships will take place in the language matched with the student's skills and goals (Spanish or Portuguese, and in some cases, English).  

  • Students are expected to work part-time, Monday - Thursday, for an estimated 20 hours a week.

    • Based on both the student's and organization's local time zones, actual hours of work may be flexible and outside of a standard 9am-5pm.

  • Students will be in regular communication with their internship supervisor.

  • Students will submit final deliverables and present on their experience to their organizations and DRCLAS. 


  • Students may be engaged in a variety of activities geared towards creating and building a deeper historical and contemporary awareness of Latin America.

  • Sessions, whether seminars, activities, videos, or other, may be coordinated and run by DRCLAS staff, faculty affiliates, alumni, and in-country collaborators.

  • Sessions are mandatory of all program participants and intend to complement the enrichment experience.

  • Readings and other preparatory work may be assigned to build a more authentic and robust understanding.

  • Cultural programming is planned to take part on Fridays, with occasional opportunities for mid-week and/or weekend sessions.

  • Cultural programming may vary in the language it is offered.

    • Cohorts may be utilized for breakout sessions, based on students' language levels and the language of presenter/activity.


  • Participants may have the option to practice their language skills, in Spanish or Portuguese, with a small cohort of students that elect this optional programming.

  • Language sessions are planned to take place on Fridays.

  • Smaller cohorts may be utilized in breakout sessions to appropriately challenge students at their skill level, across both Spanish and Portuguese.

  • Extra materials, such as music, podcasts, or other, may be suggested for students to utilize and learn outside of cohort-based sessions.

  • Any language sessions offered are optional are will require prior opt-in commitment.  

Program Costs & Availability of Funding


  • There is no program fee for the 2021 Remote Summer Program.

  • There is a nonrefundable $50 confirmation deposit for students who accept and confirm their placement in the program.

    • The deposit will directly cover expenses relating to administrative logistics and cultural programming. 


  • DRCLAS will offer stipends of $4,000 for confirmed participants that engage in the full 8 week remote program.

    • This stipend requires that the student engages fully in both the professional enrichment and cultural activity portion of the RSP. Language sessions are optional and not required to receive this stipend.


Contact Rachel Murray-Crawford, Assistant Director of Student Programs