AprendoEnCasa is an initiative born in 2020 during the pandemic, as a result of a previous educational innovation undertaking called Ecosisteam, developed by professor Richard Elmore (RIP), aimed at supporting school communities, teachers and students to improve learnings in hybrid contexts. Over 70 organizations from across the Americas and Spain are part of the #AprendoEnCasa network. Together, they offer free digital tools and training in the following areas: Technologies for Learning, Transforming Learning Methodologies, 21st Century Skills, Social Emotional Development, and Leading Educational Change.

This Initiative is comprised of: 

  • A learning lab within an international cycle conference with Harvard professors 
  • A series of learning circles developed by AprendoEnCasa’s leading organizations 
  • A professional development program led by Kay Merseth, a professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE).  

The initiative is developed by Fundación Reimagina and the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies (Harvard’s Regional Office in Chile), with the support of the U.S. Embassy in Santiago and the BHP Foundation. 

International Conference Cycle

The #AprendoenCasa Learning Laboratory is a space for conferences and workshops guided by leading professors from Harvard University and regional experts, providing tools to inspire, share and create.

  • Learning in Hybrid Times: What We Know Works, Thursday, April 15, 2021. Speakers: Chris Dede, Professor of learning technologies at Harvard University; Cristóbal Cobo, Senior Education Specialist at the World Bank; Camila Campos, Director of Canales Enseña at Enseña Chile Foundation. Watch video here.
  • The Education that Comes: Redesigning Our Practices to Ensure Learning, Thursday, June 10, 2021. Speakers: Katherine Merseth, Specialist in teacher training, school improvement in vulnerable contexts and effective classroom practices, Harvard University; Patricia Vazquez, Director of international cooperation at Radix, Former Deputy Minister of Education of Puebla, Mexico; Perla Chávez, Director of the "Un Buen Comienzo" improvement program, Oportunidad Educational Foundation. Watch video here.
  • What does it mean to learn in the 21st century?, Thursday, August 12, 2021. Speakers: Santiago Rincón Gallardo, Consultant, Harvard alumni and member of the Fullan Enterprise consulting firm; Alejandra Arratia, Executive Director at Educación 2020; Melissa Guadalupe Huertas, Senior Program Officer, Wikimedia Foundation. Watch video here.
  • Social-emotional and Holistic Education as a Means to Transform Learning, Thursday, September 23, 2021. Speakers: Richard Weissbourd, Professor of Education and faculty co-director of the Human Development and Psychology master’s program at Harvard University; Emiliana Rodríguez, founder and Director of Education at AtentaMente and holder of a Master’s degree in Mind, Brain and Education at Harvard University. Watch video here.
  • Global Citizenship: Learning to change the world, Thursday, October 21, 2021. Speakers: Fernando Reimers, Director of the Global Education Innovation Initiative and of the International Educational Policy Masters Program at Harvard University; Gustavo Rojas, General Director, Mexicanos Primero Sinaloa. Ver video aquí.

Professional Development Program

Navigating Complexity: Redesigning our Practices to Ensure Relevant and Meaningful Learning

K-12 school directors and teachers from the public and private sector and educational leaders collaborate with the experienced program facilitator (Katherine Merseth) and a network of supportive peers to implement strategies that will ensure equity and success for all students. Navigating Complexity: Redesigning our Practices to Ensure Relevant and Meaningful Learning.

Workshop Sessions Kay Merseth