RSP Application Information

Please review the following information carefully before submitting your application for DRCLAS Remote Summer Program (RSP). 

Next Deadline: Passed

Applicants for the 2021 RSP are currently being reviewed. Selected applicants will be invited to interview with DRCLAS during February 24 - March 3. Invitations will be sent by Friday, February 19. 

Application Details

Applicants are due February 15, 2021 by 11:59pm. Requirements include:
  • A completed application form via CARAT
    • Click here for the undergraduation student application
    • Click here for the graduate student application. 
    • Students on a Leave of Absence may fill out this application if they do not currently have CARAT access.
      • LOA students are excepted to petition access to CARAT and submit a formal application using the designated platform. 
  • Short-answer responses (250 word limit in English) to the following questions:
    • Please list the name(s) & location(s) of the organizations that interest you mostFor example: "Ashoka, Peru"
    • Please detail your goals for participating in this remote program with Latin America and DRCLAS. 
    • Please detail previous experience and skills that have led you to pursue, and prepared you, for this experience.
    • Please detail your connection to or interest in both Latin America & your preferred organization's work.
    • How do you believe that this experience will impact both you and Latin America? 
  • Updated resume (1 page max in English)
  • Unofficial transcript from Spring 2021 semester
    • To serve as proof of current enrollment
    • This may be downloaded as a PDF from my.Harvard
    • Students on a Leave of Absence will be asked to submit a former trasnscript + a demonstration of petition approval by their Dean/Ad Board.


Selected applicants have been invited to interview with DRCLAS during February 24 - March 3 for the 2021 RSP.  See details below.

  • Interviews are a requirement of the application process. Every applicant will complete one!
  • Interviews are conversations that help DRCLAS learn about you, your interests, and your expectations.
  • Interviews take place for ~20 minutes.
  • Interviews are typically conducted with 2 DRCLAS staff members (from a variety of our offices).
  • If you are applying to an internship with a Spanish speaking country, your interview will be in Spanish. If you are applying to an internship in Brazil, your interview will be partially in Portuguese (if relevant), and otherwise English. If you apply to a mix, your interview will be a mixture. The idea is you demonstrate a bit of your proficiency(ies), so you are appropriately placed.
  • Follow the link in your email to schedule no later than Sunday, February 21! 

Looking to Practice?
Join the amazing DRCLAS Student Interns for casual Office Hours on Zoom!

  • Join Mony Hinojosa (Junior, Economics) for Spanish interview practice on Monday, February 22 from 3-4pm ET on Zoom

    • Meeting ID: 824 749 7072 & Passcode: DRCLAS

  • Join Dani Pérez (Senior, Hist & Lit + AFVS) for Spanish or Portuguese practice on Tuesday, February 23 from 4-5pm ET on Zoom

    • Meeting ID: 824 749 7072 & Passcode: DRCLAS




  • Both graduate and undergraduate students who are in good standing, complete the spring semester, and are returning for the fall semester as full-time students are eligible for funding. No separate application for this funding is required as it is part of your CARAT application to the program.  


Contact Rachel Murray-Crawford, Assistant Director of Student Programs