Application Information

Please review the following information carefully before submitting your application for a DRCLAS Summer Program. For questions, please reference the information session presentation.

Students are allowed to apply to up to two DRCLAS programs and should do so using separate applications. 

Application Requirements

Applicants will receive notification from each program regarding acceptance on March 1, 2020.

  • A completed application form via Centralized Application for Research and Travel (CARAT)
  • A personal statement (up to 750 words in English, detailing your overall candidacy, interest in the country/region, and at least 1 (no more than 3) specific organization in which you want to be placed)
  • Updated resume
  • Unofficial transcript through the Fall 2019 semester (a full transcript from my.harvard must be submitted - do not black out any details or grades)

After you submit your application, please sign-up for an in-person interview during mid February. Interviews will be conducted in Spanish or Portuguese, unless otherwise noted.


  • Undergraduate students applying to a co-sponsored internship will apply through the regular SIP application and mark their IOP and/or HBS preference on the Supplemental form
  • References are verbal and are not required to write a letter of recommendation. They must be Harvard-affiliates and will be contacted by phone/email by DRCLAS as needed

Interview Sign-ups

  • All applicants will receive an invitation to schedule their interviews after the deadline, during the first week of February
  • Interviews will be held February 10 - 14 at the DRCLAS Cambridge office in CGIS South at 1730 Cambridge Street, 2nd floor
  • Interviews will last ~20 minutes, and will be conducted in the language of the program you are applying to (Spanish or Portuguese) unless noted otherwise
  • It is the responsibility of the students to record and remember the date/time of their interview

Brazil Applicants

Includes HBS placements & requires individual interview
Schedule forthcoming

SIP Argentina, Chile, & Mexico Applicants 

Includes IOP & HBS placements (Please schedule only one interview for any/all of these programs, you will interview with multiple program managers at once)
Schedule forthcoming

Colegio de México Applicants

Requires individual interview
Schedule forthcoming

Availability of Funding

  • Undergraduate students who are in good standing, complete the spring semester, and are returning for the fall semester as full-time students are eligible for funding through the Office of Career Services (OCS). No separate application for this funding is required as it is part of your CARAT application to the program.  
  • All students that are not eligible for OCS funding may still be eligible for DRCLAS funding, which requires no additional application. This includes all graduate students.
  • At this time, we are unable to provide funding for students without a demonstrated financial need.


  • If you are currently on a Leave of Absence and are NOT studying abroad for transfer credit, you are not eligible to participate in a DRCLAS Summer Program or receive funding from DRCLAS.
  • All students must be in good academic standing at time of participation in a DRCLAS program.
  • Graduating students may apply for a DRCLAS program, though funding is not guaranteed. 


Contact Rachel Murray-Crawford, Assistant Director of Student Programs