The Amazon and COVID-19: The Present and Future of the Crisis in the Forest


Monday, May 18, 2020, 11:00am to 12:15pm

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Speakers: Natalie Unterstell. Especialista em política socioambiental. Diretora, Talanoa Think Tank; Louis Bacon Environmental Leadership Fellow no Centro para Liderança Pública, Universidade Harvard (2016); Fabiano Maisonnave. Jornalista. Correspondente para Amazônia, Folha de São Paulo; Fellow, Fundação Nieman para Jornalismo, Universidade Harvard (2016)

Moderator: Ana Laura Malmaceda, Jornalista e Tradutora, Doutoranda, Línguas e Literaturas Românticas, Harvard University

Deforestation and human rights violations continue to occur routinely in the Amazon while the rest of the world stays home during the coronavirus epidemic. Meanwhile, the healthcare system in Amazonia state is on the brink of collapse and indigenous communities have been infected with the virus. The webinar aims to explore the present and future of the crisis in the forest.