Is Colombia’s Peace Over? Challenges and Progress in Implementing the Peace Accords


Tuesday, February 16, 2021, 12:00pm to 1:20pm

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Speakers: Juanita Goebertus, Colombian Congresswoman and Former Member of the Government Peace Delegation with the FARC; Juana Garcia Duque, Associate Professor at the Business School, Universidad de los Andes; Sandra Botero, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Government, and International Relations, Universidad del Rosario; Mauricio Velásquez, Professor of Government, Universidad de los Andes
Moderated by: Alisha Holland, Associate Professor of Government, Harvard University

In August 2016, Colombia signed a hard-won peace deal with the FARC. But, nearly five years later, the promise of an end to violence, renewed rural development, and transitional justice stand in peril. What has been achieved? What are the obstacles to implementation? And how has violence in Colombia evolved since the peace accords? Four Colombian experts, including a member of the government’s peace delegation with the FARC, will take stock of the country’s progress.

Presented in collaboration with Weatherhead Center for International Affairs