Art [...] Architecture: Latin GSD & Women in Design present Ingrid Moye, Daniela Rivera, and Cazú Zegers


Tuesday, November 14, 2017, 6:30pm


Piper Auditorium, Harvard Graduate School of Design, 48 Quincy Street, Cambridge
Art [...] Architecture is part of the Latin.A series, a collaboration between Women in Design and Latin GSD, and a joint effort with A.Chronology and the FortyK Gallery at the Harvard Graduate School of Design.
This event will feature presentations and a panel discussion with Ingrid Moye, Daniela Rivera, and Cazú Zegers, artists and architects who practice in Latin America or engage with the region's complexities as part of their work. The discussion will explore the relationships, tensions, overlaps and distinctions between art and architecture as well as notions of Latin American identities, territories and histories.
The broader theme of the panel explores how certain epistemologies and regions have been excluded from a constructed dichotomy of eastern versus western scholarship. Where does Latin America fall within this dualism? Can we envision a spectrum rather than a binary of scholarly contribution? We question whether the frameworks we have adopted to create, exhibit, and critique art and architecture are appropriate in the Latin American context.
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