Tania Bruguera


Tania Bruguera is a Cuban artist and activist whose performances and installations examine political power structures and their effect on society's most...

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Kathryn Sikkink

Kathryn Sikkink

Ryan Family Professor of Human Rights Policy
Kathryn Sikkink is the Ryan Family Professor of Human Rights Policy at HKS.  Sikkink works on international norms and institutions, transnational advocacy... Read more about Kathryn Sikkink
Cecilia Fajardo-Hill

Cecilia Fajardo-Hill

Central America Visiting Scholar

Cecilia Fajardo-Hill is an independent British/Venezuelan art historian and curator in modern and contemporary art, focusing on Latin American and Latinx art. Fajardo-Hill has a PhD in Art History from the University of Essex, England... Read more about Cecilia Fajardo-Hill

Jennifer Eaglin

Jennifer Eaglin

Lemann Visiting Scholar

Jennifer Eaglin is an assistant professor of environmental history/sustainability at Ohio State University. She is a historian of modern Latin American alternative energy development.... Read more about Jennifer Eaglin

Celia Cussen

Celia Cussen

Luksic Visiting Scholar

Celia Cussen is a professor of history at the University of Chile in Santiago, where she has consolidated the field of African diaspora studies. She is the author of Black Saint of the Americas: The Life and Afterlife of Martín de Porres... Read more about Celia Cussen

Sebastian Carassai

Sebastian Carassai

de Fortabat Visiting Scholar

Sebastian Carassai is a Researcher at the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research, a member of the Center for Intellectual History at the Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, and professor of Introduction to the Knowledge of Society... Read more about Sebastian Carassai

Sergio Anria

Santiago Anria

Cisneros Visiting Scholar

Santiago Anria is Assistant Professor of Political Science and Latin American Studies at Dickinson College. His research focuses on social movements and...

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Joint Statement on Human Rights in Cuba

June 2, 2021

Statement from the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies, the Hutchins Center for African and African American Research, and the Afro-Latin American Research Institute, Harvard University, on human rights in Cuba 

Español abajo.
Português abaixo. 

As research and teaching units that maintain longstanding relations of collaboration and exchange with Cuban colleagues and institutions, we want to express our strong condemnation of recent repression by the Cuban government against artists and activists seeking...

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