Structural Solutions for Democracy and Climate Change with Nobel Prize Laureate President Juan Manuel Santos


Wednesday, February 23, 2022, 6:00pm

This event will be held in person for Harvard affiliates and will be streamed live via IOP social media channels. To register for a seat, click here.

Speaker: Juan Manuel Santos (HKS ‘81), former Colombian President
Moderated by: Yanilda María González, Assistant Professor of Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School

Former Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos (HKS ‘81) received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2016 in recognition of the historic Colombian peace accord which ended the country’s 50-year civil war. In addition to his work for democracy in Colombia, President Santos has remained committed to passing sweeping environmental policies to fight climate change.

In a conversation moderated by Harvard Kennedy School Assistant Professor of Public Policy Yanilda María González, President Santos reflects on what it means to struggle through difficult negotiations for democratic structural change, and how to never lose sight of the holistic goal: stronger social, environmental, and economic conditions for all.

Presented by The Institute of Politics at Harvard Kennedy School