Summer Research Travel Grant


The Summer Research Travel Grant supports undergraduate and graduate or professional students conducting thesis or dissertation research related to Latin America and the Caribbean. Research proposals are accepted from all disciplines, but must be directly related to the region.

Application Requirements

  • 1-2 page proposal (not exceeding 750 words)
  • 1 page resume
  • Current transcript or grade report
  • 1 letter of recommendation

If your research is linked to a faculty member or working on a faculty member's project, your letter of recommendation must come from that faculty member. If you are working in a group or with a partner, each student must submit separate applications.

IMPORTANT: Given the uncertainty regarding Harvard´s COVID-19 travel restrictions for academic year 2021-2022, DRCLAS will accept applications for, but may not be able to commit to funding proposals with travel-related expenses during the upcoming grant cycle. Applicants seeking travel-related funding must present succinct, feasible, and fully virtual fallback options together with their original proposal. Remote “Plan B” options must be accompanied by their own alternate budgets. In the case that travel restrictions are not lifted by the time the Selection Committee analyzes applications, this measure will allow DRCLAS to make awards for remote proposals.    

Application materials must be submitted through the Centralized Application for Research and Travel (CARAT) under the "DRCLAS 2021 Summer Research Travel Grants" opportunity (one for undergrads, one for grads).

Availablity of Funding

Students are encouraged to apply to multiple Centers' research funds in order to increase their chances of receiving funding.


Email for student-related inquiries