Winternship Opportunities in Mexico City

Not Offered 2020-2021. See remote opportunity for 2021 here 

Program Overview

DRCLAS partners with several organizations in Mexico City to provide January internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students in various fields. Some examples are computer science, venture capital, education reform, journalism, human rights, and economic policy, among many others. These internship programs serve as pre-professional experiences. Students should be prepared to work, mainly in Spanish, in an office-like atmosphere. The program also includes cultural activities throughout Mexico, administered by DRCLAS staff. The programs take place in Mexico City, a densely populated megacity and the capital of Mexico. An open-mind and positive attitude is necessary for the participant to succeed. 

Program Dates

  • A version of this program will take place remotely across Latin America in January 2021. Please see more information here.


The program is open to Harvard undergraduate and graduate students with a minimum of an intermediate level of Spanish (at least two semesters of Spanish at Harvard or their equivalent).

Application Requirements

  • A personal statement (500 words in English, detailing your interest in specific organization(s))
  • Updated resume
  • Unofficial transcript from current semester (proof of enrollment, no grades will show)
  • Name & contact information of one Harvard Community Member who will serve as a reference (example: TF, advisor, professor, etc.) 
    • You do NOT need an actual letter of recommendation from your reference. The reference may contacted verbally or by email only

Selected applicants will be invited to sign-up for a mandatory in-person interview as well.

Program Costs & Availability of Funding

Program Costs: $1,000
Fee covers housing and group cultural activities in Mexico. Students are responsible for covering daily meals and airfare. In the past, students have spent an average of an additional $400-500 on independent activities and expenses, excluding airfare. 

**DRCLAS does have funding available for students with demonstrated financial need.

Cancellation Fee: $250
A fee of $250 will be applied for participant cancellations after November 17, 2019. No exceptions will be made.

Post-Application Interview Process

Mexico Program Interviews are currently completed. The window to schedule has closed.

Interviews for the Mexico program will be conducted in-person, at DRCLAS, in office S-203 with Rachel Murray-Crawford. Please arrive 5 minutes early and wait outside of room S-203 in the designated area. You will be called in when the team is ready. Interviews are 15 minutes in length. 


Contact Rachel Murray-Crawford, Assistant Director of Student Programs

Winternship Opportunities


Arquitectura 911

Open to undergraduates and graduates

Arquitectura 911 is an independent practice based in Mexico City founded in 2002 by Saidee Springall and Jose Castillo committed to architecture, urban design and planning projects.

Internship Description

The work includes research, cultural, institutional, housing, mobility projects and mixed-use master plans in various cities in Mexico.

Intern Qualifications

  • Qualities: Proactive, focused, sense of ownership

  • Academic Major: Architecture, Urbanism, Design

  • Undergraduates on their last year or masters students

  • Computer skills: Autocad, Revit, Adobe, Office

Business and Finance

Horton International

Open to undergraduates and graduates

We provide outstanding consultative advice that helps organizations achieve their strategic staffing objectives. Our executive search services are exacting, timely and highly effective, and are specifically designed to help clients achieve their business goals. Horton International works in close tandem with our clients' internal staffing organizations and line managers. We offer reliable, effective solutions to recruiting and resourcing challenges for a diverse range of organizations, from small, privately held start-ups to leading Global corporations.

Internship Description

Design and lead the implementation of a B2B digital marketing plan to increase revenue generation for Mexico's operations. Achievement of measurable ROI is expected.

Intern Qualifications

  • Has highly developed all round interpersonal skills

  • Excellent communication, presentation, networking and negotiation skills

  • Customer service oriented with a positive, well-motivated attitude, self-starter

  • Conscientious, hard-working and driven to improve sales and activity performance beyond targets

  • Competent IT skills with a working knowledge of Microsoft Office, google programs and social networking tools. Experience of Salesforce would be preferred, but not essential

  • Sound experience in developing and implementing B2B digital lead generation campaigns

  • A high level of professionalism

  • Number-oriented

Prismapar Latam

Open to undergraduates and graduates

Prismapar is a strategic and financial advisory firm focused on the education industry consulting on corporate finance, strategy and business development. Prismapar advises its clients on business expansion, mergers and acquisitions, strategic sale and capital raising from banks, private equity funds or capital markets. Working alongside the client, Prismapar works as a “Business Development Partner," helping clients from the initial stages of the strategy formulation up to its implementation. As a strategic partner, Prismapar helps its clients maintain the focus on their core business so that managers save time during mergers and acquisitions or capital raising processes, which always are significantly time consuming. Typically, we work with companies that are expanding or strategically repositioning themselves, either according to decisions made by their shareholders and managers or as a result of external market forces

Internship Description

Work directly with partners to develop a leading edtech impact ecosystem service firm. Responsibilities include market analysis, financial projections, impact index, thought leadership, alliances.

Intern Qualifications

  • Ability to develop sophisticated financial analysis.

  • Understand marketing practices

  • Be research driven.

Data Analysis


Open to undergraduates

Dateras is a start up working with several NGOs. They believe that sophisticated data analysis can and should be available, not only to private initiatives, but to civil organizations and governments so that they can make sound decisions. Their job is to close the gap between the use of data and the public. To do this, they inspect, clean, transform and model information to empower customers with strong messages and effective demands.

Internship Description

We would like the intern to work at our project The intern will help us conduct data analysis for anti-corruption purposes and communicate our results on social networks.

Intern Qualifications

  • Spanish (medium level)

  • Independent and goal-driven work style

  • Undergraduate

  • Willingness to learn Adobe Reader

  • Knowledge of R or Stata is a plus

Documentary Film


Open to undergraduate and graduate students, primarily interested in film

Ambulante is a non-profit organization focused on supporting and promoting documentary films as a tool for social and cultural transformation. Founded in Mexico in 2005 by Gael Garcia Bernal, Diego Luna and Pablo Cruz, AMBULANTE brings documentary films and training programs to places where they are rarely available, in order to create a participative, informed and critical public, to procure new forms of expression, and to encourage debate in Mexico and abroad. Each year, AMBULANTE Org, in collaboration with CANANA, Cinépolis and the Morelia International Film Festival, carries out a traveling film festival across 12 regions in Mexico during three months. The festival is non-competitive and hosts guests from all over the world that participate in conferences, seminars, encounters with the audience, and screenings in a variety of indoor and outdoor venues across the country. Since 2011, it also showcases a series of documentaries at VIVE LATINO, one of the largest music festivals in Latin America. 

Language Requirements: Spanish

Economic Development

Innovations for Poverty Action

Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) is a research and policy nonprofit that discovers and promotes effective solutions to global poverty problems. IPA brings together researchers and decision-makers to design, rigorously evaluate, and refine these solutions and their applications, ensuring that the evidence created is used to improve the lives of the world’s poor.

Internship Description

Project: Crime, violence, and a weak rule of law jointly present some of the most pressing issues for Latin America. They affect citizen behavior and relations at every level of society, so these shortcomings impose a significant cost on the economy and constitute a severe threat to economic development and political stability. This project seeks to explore how to design local police forces in Mexico (and Latin America more broadly) that can rise to the challenge of reducing violence, increasing institutional legitimacy and trust in institutions, and strengthening the rule of law. The project thus focuses on three sets of questions:

  • The specific organizational capabilities and structural characteristics that are systematically proven to deliver better results (or questions of basic organizational design);

  • The process and sequence through which these organizational capabilities should be incorporated into new or existing police organizations (or questions of organizational construction and change);

  • How, given an organizational design, police organizations can build citizen engagement, participation, and trust through their protocols, practices, and interactions with citizens (or questions of the enactment of practices). This includes an understanding of how police organizations in Mexico should implement evidence-based interventions that have been proven to effectively reduce violence.


  • Supporting research staff in coordinating and collaborating with the partners

  • Revising survey questionnaires, designing training materials for field teams; cleaning and analyzing data

  • Assisting in refining and designing the data collection process; and coordinating field logistics for upcoming field activities

  • Undertake data cleaning with the IPA RA

Intern Qualifications

  • Interest in development issues

  • Good understanding of impact evaluation methodologies (particularly randomized controlled trials) and terminology

  • Strong academic background, comfortable reviewing academic papers

  • Basic knowledge of working on STATA or R software

  • Excellent writing, analytical, synoptic, and communication skills (Spanish)

  • Previous experience working in a developing country is a plus

Instituto de Planeación y Desarrollo de Guadalajara

Open to undergraduates and graduates

We are dedicated to coordinating the work between municipalities and state government on issues of metropolitan relevance.

Our purpose is to elaborate and propose metropolitan planning instruments, studies and project proposals, as well as mechanisms that improve the coupling of the Metropolitan Coordination Instances, allowing intervention in all phases of the metropolitan coordination policies within the scope of their powers.

Internship Description

Interns will work in the Coordination of Metropolitan Linkage, with varied tasks specifically related to the institutional link with municipalities of the metropolitan area of Guadalajara, as well as the organization and operation of the Metropolitan Coordination Board, the political coordination instance of the metropolis. In addition, interns will work with the Technical Secretariat of the Metropolitan Citizen Council, helping with the development and strengthening of citizen participation mechanisms.

The office also coordinates the development of the Metropolitan Strategic Plan for a Friendly City with Older Adults, which must be completed by the dates of collaboration of the practitioner. Therefore, interns will assist in the validation process of the final document.

Additionally, the Institute has a Planning Directorate with Technical Management of Mobility, Territorial Planning and Risk Management, and another Development Management Directorate with Technical Management of International Cooperation, Sustainability and Project Bank, in which interns could also work.

Intern Qualifications

  • Advanced Spanish

  • Interest in urban planning, urban development, metropolitan coordination, sustainability

  • Disposition and flexibility for the type of work to be carried out

  • Knowledge of geographic information software would help you perform more technical tasks

  • Working under pressure

  • Spirit of service

Que Funciona para el Desarrollo

Open to graduates

Our mission is to contribute to the development of knowledge and the economy through the elaboration and dissemination of rigorous studies that inform policy-makers and private organizations about what programs promote economic development and which are the most efficient and efficacious implementation designs for strengthening such programs.

Internship Description

Statistical analysis and data management. We have projects in health, education and poverty alleviation with Mexican data. The intern will work with statistical software (mainly Stata, and probably R or Python) to contribute to the analysis of the projects. The intern will work at ITAM Santa Teresa (Mexico City) with professor Arturo Aguilar (PhD) from the Department of Economics.

Intern Qualifications

  • Basic Spanish

  • PhD or M.A. student in Economics, Statistics or Data Sciences

  • Experience with statistical software: Stata (required), R o Python is a plus

  • Ability to work independently


Clubes de Ciencia Mexico

Open to undergraduates and graduates

Clubes de Ciencia Mexico is a non profit organization that aims to expand access to high quality science education and to inspire the future generation of scientists, technologists and innovators in Mexico through international networks, online and hands-on workshops.

Internship Description

  • Assistant in Assesment: Assist in the analysis of the impact assessment survey of the last 5 years of Mexico City

  • Management Assistant: Assist in the 3-year growth plan. Design a fundraising strategy and institutional relations

  • Production Assistant: Review and optimization of the logistics necessary for the programs of Science Clubs Mexico are carried out in time and order. Planning of the 2020 edition of short summer courses

  • Communication Assistant: Assist in the creation of a communication plan for the different stakeholders of the organization. Assist in the creation of multimedia content for the different media that allow communicating the mission and activities of Mexico City

Intern Qualifications

  • Education: Undergrad in natural sciences, engineering, business administration or economics. Masters in Education, Business or Public Administration would be desired

  • Experience: Experience in design/development, budget design, management administration, evaluation and implementation of technical projects in education-related fields is desirable. Knowledge of the current trends in educational and outreach concepts and/or experience engaging and collaborating with the private and public sector on educational related issues is desired

  • Language: Advanced English (spoken and written). Advanced Spanish (spoken and written) is desired

Mexicanos Primero

Mexicanos Primero is a citizen organization that defends and promotes the right to learn from children and young people through the impact on educational policy. They believe that education is the means to guide Mexico towards inclusion and justice.

Internship Description

The interns would be working with the research team, who have developed expertise on education policy on both the national and state levels as well as a deep understanding of the complexities of the Mexican education system. The interns would be in charge of conducting qualitative and/or quantitative research on multiple topics related to education, such as, student academic achievement, social emotional skills, participation, early childhood, teacher education, budget allocation in education, monitoring and evaluation processes, and school infrastructure, among others.

Intern Responsibilities

  • Conduct quantitative and/or qualitative analysis
  • Review literature
  • Monitor and evaluate programs
  • Prepare presentations
  • Report drafting
  • Present research findings orally and in writing
  • Provide programmatic and content support for educational projects
  • Provide support in the design and implementation of workshops for students, teachers, and/or educational authorities

Intern Qualifications

  • Minimum of intermediate Spanish preferred, but not mandatory
  • Passionate about education
  • Activist
  • Preferred academic majors: Education, Social Studies, Public Policy/Government, Economics, Statistics, Political Science, Social Work or related majors
  • Background knowledge and interest in research
  • Quantitative and/or qualitative skills
  • Flexibility and adaptability to work on continuously evolving projects
  • Detail oriented
  • Ability to work independently
  • Strong relationship-building skills

National Center for Evaluation for Higher Education

Open to undergraduates and graduates

The National Center for Evaluation for Higher Education (Ceneval) is an institution dedicated to the evaluation of people in higher education. Ceneval operates more than 300 different evaluation instruments, evaluates more than 3 million people each year in around 2500 test application operations. Ceneval has been operating tests in Mexico for more than 25 years.

Internship Description

Ceneval has a set of exams to evaluate applicants to enter upper secondary education, undergraduate and postgraduate (EXANI). These instruments are being redesigned and interns could participate in this process.

Some of the responsibilities that interns would have would be:

  • Attend academic expert meetings

  • Observe the process and make value judgments

  • Attending to the application process of an instrument

Intern Qualifications

  • Intermediate or advanced level of Spanish (fluent)

  • Education, evaluation and measurement knowledge

  • Computer skills: Word, Excel, PowerPoint

  • Critical thinking and teamwork


Federal Attorney's Office of Consumer (PROFECO)

Open to undergraduates and graduates

The Office of the Federal Prosecutor for the Consumer is an organization of the Mexican government. PROFECO works together with other organizations like CPSC (U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission) from the United States and Health Canada from Canada to guarantee that imported products are safe for consumers.

Internship Description

Mapping information related to the public record to avoid advertising

Intern Qualifications

Mapping skills: ArGIS, ArcMap, Google Maps.

Mexican Agency of International Cooperation for Development (AME

Open to undergraduates and graduates

Created in 2011, the Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation (AMEXCID) is an agency of Mexico’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Mexico’s priority areas of development cooperation are education, health, environment and climate change, and science and technology. Geographic priorities are Central America; the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean; and developing countries of Asia-Pacific and Africa.

Internship Description

The main duty of the intern will be to provide research assistance for a project regarding the development of the region of the Istmus of Tehuantepec, Oaxaca in three aspects: economic, social and infrastructure projects. The intern will write informative notes and analyze data regarding the region in order to propose a comprehensive sustainable development plan that will be implemented by the Mexican Government with the lead of the AMEXCID. Other duties include assistance to high level meetings and briefing the Director General on the correspondence between the Ministry and other institutions such as embassies, private companies, international organisms and other federal agencies (foreign and national).

Intern Qualifications

  • Fluent in Spanish

  • Good data analysis basis

  • Good writing

  • Knowledge of key elements of the region

  • Good knowledge of policy skills

  • Organization skills

  • Time management skills

  • Team work

  • Basic knowledge on finances

  • General knowledge on energy policy

  • Ability to summarize and extract important ideas

  • Preferably a management or finance undergrad or graduate

National Electoral Institute

The National Electoral Institute (INE) is the autonomous public institution responsible for organizing democratic elections, guaranteeing the exercise of the political-electoral rights of citizens and promoting democratic development in Mexico.

Among the main activities include:

  • Organize elections
    • A strategic objective is to comply with one of the main purposes of the new electoral system: standardize the standards with which electoral processes are organized and thus guarantee high levels of quality in Mexican democracy.
  • Process the Voter’s ID
    • The Voter’s ID is an identity document used by millions of people to identify themselves as Mexican citizens and exercise their right to vote in our country and abroad. It is processed free of charge and has multiple security controls.
  • Promote equality and non-discrimination
    • It has the obligation to promote, respect, protect and guarantee human rights, thus mainstreaming the perspective of gender equality and non-discrimination in the exercise of political rights.

Internship Description


  1. Gender and non- discrimination unit
    1. Overview
      1. Comparative study of policies in Latin America for the inclusion of vulnerable groups
      2. The project is to conduct a comparative analytical study of the policies by electoral institutions in Latin America related to the inclusion of citizen priority attention groups, in order to find their suitability to implement them in Mexico to strengthen political rights and democracy.
      3. You will work under the Technical Unit for Gender Equality and Non-Discrimination.
      4. The intern will receive individual tutoring and will have the opportunity to attend meetings by senior stakeholders who will present national efforts and results.
    2. Responsibilities
      1. Assist in research, drafting policy documents, internal research notes on public policies and initiatives carried out in other countries and institutions.
      2. Contribute to the development of affirmative action strategies and measures and strategic actions to promote the inclusion of citizenship.
      3. Help with the drafting of the Final Report of the elaborated research, including the preparation of meetings, background research, data entry and internal reports.
  2. National Civic Culture Strategy
    1. Overview
      1. This project focuses on the implementation of the National Civic Culture Strategy (ENCCIVICA), a nationwide public policy strategy coordinated, designed in implemented by the NEI. Its aim is to promote understanding and participation in public issues in a democratic context.
      2. For this project, you will work under the Executive Direction of Electoral Training and Civic Education.
      3. The intern will receive individual tutoring and will have the opportunity to attend meetings with senior stakeholders who will present national efforts and results.
    2. Responsibilities
      1. Assist in research, drafting policy documents, and creating strategies to best achieve ENCCIVICA’s goals.
      2. Research and document relevant experiences for internal discussion.
      3. Help with the preparation of meetings, background research, data entry and internal reports.
  3. Electronic voting mechanisms
    1. Overview           
      1. This project focuses on the implementation of the use of electronic voting in the next federal election of 2021. Until now Mexico uses only paper ballots that are singly counted. The use of electronic devices presents a lot of challenges.
      2. For this project, you will work under the Executive Direction of Electoral Organization.
      3. The intern will receive individual tutoring and will have the opportunity to attend meetings with senior stakeholders who will present national efforts and results.
    2. Responsibilities
      1. Assist in research, drafting policy documents, and designing the strategy to do a pilot application of electronic voting in the next elections.
      2. Research and document relevant experiences for internal discussion.
      3. Help with the preparation of meetings, background research, data entry and internal reports.
  4. Federal Registry
    1. Overview
      1. Desarrollo de una política pública para la expedición de cédula de identidad para los mexicanos menores de edad.
      2. This project objective is to develop a public policy to create a national identity document for minors. In Mexico the voter’s ID is a nationally accepted identification document, but it is only available to people who have turned 18 years old. The NEI wants to strengthen the right to identity of children and teenagers, therefore it is working to develop a strategy to provide with an ID for minors. 
      3. For this project, you will work under the Executive Direction of the Federal Registry.
      4. The intern will receive individual tutoring and will have the opportunity to attend meetings with senior stakeholders who will present national efforts and results.
    2. Responsibilities
      1. Assist in research, drafting policy documents, and designing the strategy create and provide minors with an official identity document.
      2. Research and document relevant experiences for internal discussion.
      3. Help with the preparation of meetings, background research, data entry and internal reports.
  5. Information Systems
    1. Overview
      1. The NEI is working on the implementation of a model of electronic voting through the internet for Mexicans residing abroad. It is planned that it operates in the 2021 elections. The intern will be working on the implementation of a system of electronic vote through the internet, specifically from a cryptographic and security point of view.
    2. Responsibilities
      1. During the internship, you will analyze the voting schema, the cryptographic algorithms used, the application of network protocols mixture, and the use of blockchain as a part of the system.

Intern Qualifications

  1. Gender and non- discrimination Unit
    1. This project is ideal for anyone looking for a career in political science, human rights and electoral studies. You will be exposed to a variety of advocacy efforts and gender equality and non-discrimination policies and national inclusion policies implemented during the elections in Mexico. Advanced Spanish is required.
  2. National Civic Culture Strategy
    1. This project seeks a major in public policy, political science, education, sociology or similar fields. Advanced Spanish is required.
  3. Electronic voting mechanisms
    1. This project seeks a major in public policy, political science, education, sociology or similar fields. Advanced Spanish is required.
  4. Federal Registry
    1. This project seeks a major in public policy, political science, education, sociology or similar fields. Advanced Spanish is required.
  5. Electronic voting
    1. Any cryptography related major, focused on the application of information systems. Experience with the application of cryptographic algorithms based on number theory or elliptic curves (C/C++, Java) is desirable and knowledge of Blockchain and an intermediate level of Spanish. 


Cardiology National Institute

Open to undergraduates and graduates

Cardiology National Institute is a third-level hospital of Mexico's social security system. It is a teaching and research focused institution.

Internship Description

Interns would be able to work directly with the Magnetic Resonance Department head and his team on learning about the interpretation of Magnetic Resonance on Cardiology and developing research projects.

Intern Qualifications

Undergraduates or medical students with a focus on imaging and/or cardiology or undergraduate students with a focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning.


EC Legal Rubio Villegas

Open to graduate students

EC Legal Rubio Villegas is one of the largest national law firms in Mexico. It resulted from the merger of four independent regional law firms located in Mexico City, Ciudad Juarez, Queretaro City and Chihuahua City, a gradual process that started in 2014.

Internship Description

They need assistance to consolidate a cohesive and unified national organization.

Intern Qualifications

  • Spanish preferred but not indispensable.

  • Graduate level.

  • Able to provide guidance to consonsolidate our culture, operations, and strategy.

Social Impact and Human Rights


Open to undergraduates and graduates

AtentaMente is a nonprofit organization that focuses on cultivating social emotional skills through initiatives in education, government, stand-alone workshops, and professional development. Based in Mexico City, the organization has offices in four Mexican states, though through its collaboration with the Secretary of Education, The United Nations Development Programme, and several other foundations and private enterprises, AtentaMente’s impact can be seen throughout the country. True to its mission statement “cambio yo, cambia todo” AtentaMente focuses on developing rigorous, evidence-based, programming to cultivate the inner wellbeing of individuals of all ages and all walks of life, through this model, the organization hopes to change the Mexican social fabric, promoting a society that is happier, healthier, and truly harmonious.

Internship Description

Project 1: Research and Academic Intern Project Description: The intern will provide programmatic and content support for AtentaMente’s academic programs, including, but not limited to k-8 curriculum material, workshop content, and pedagogical approach.

Project 2: Communications Intern Project Description: In conjunction with AtentaMente’s communications team, the intern will support the organization’s communications strategy, including, but not limited to the organization’s website, social media pages, and original promotional material.

Intern Qualifications

Project 1
● Minimum of intermediate Spanish
● Background knowledge and interest in social emotional learning
● Background knowledge and interest in research
● Computer skills (Microsoft Office suite, video editing or design platform experience is a plus)
● Media communications skills - social media
● Flexibility and versatility to work on fast-growing and continuously evolving projects
● Attention to detail
● Entrepreneurship, strong ability to work in highly unstructured environment; readiness to roll up sleeves
● Ability to work independently
● Strong relationship-building skills

Project 2
● Minimum of intermediate Spanish
● Media communications skills - social media
● Ability to work independently
● Computer skills (Microsoft Office suite, video editing or design platform experience is a plus)
● Ability to work independently
● Strong relationship-building skills
● Enthusiasm
● Entrepreneurship, strong ability to work in highly unstructured environment; readiness to roll up sleeves

Centro de los Derechos del Migrante

Open to undergraduates and graduates

Centro de los Derechos del Migrante supports Mexico-based migrant workers to defend and protect their rights as they move between their home communities in Mexico and their workplaces in the United States. With their binational, multilingual staff and geographic reach they have grown in response to increasing needs for advocacy and services and seek to overcome the U.S.-Mexico border as a barrier to justice.

Internship Description

CDM is currently engaged in several initiatives to research and document experiences of diverse migrant communities for legal, policy, and training purposes. Depending on experience and language abilities, interns' responsibilities may include interviewing migrants / migrant workers about their experiences in recruitment and employment in the United States, data analysis, research, and report drafting. As a highly interdisciplinary organization, it is likely that interns will be exposed to two or more of the following areas within a single project: Outreach, Education and Leadership Development; Policy Advocacy; and Litigation Support.

Intern Qualifications

  • Cultural competency is a must

  • Advanced Spanish proficiency strongly preferred, but not required

  • Experience in advocacy, legal, and/or policy fields is a plus but not required

  • Design skills a plus

  • Students should also be willing to participate in a pre-arrival on-boarding call and conduct light background reading prior to arrival.

El Poder del Consumidor

Open to undergraduates and graduates

El Poder del Consumidor is a Mexican not-for-profit organization that promotes and defends consumer rights. Founded in 2006 and based in Mexico City, this organization is dedicated to promoting and advocating for effective evidence-based public policies that protect the public interest. Their main fields of action are food policy, efficient public transportation, air quality, climate change and car safety. To these ends, El Poder del Consumidor carries out policy analysis, qualitative and quantitative research, pilot projects, technical studies, and opinion polls, among others. For this professional practice opportunity, they are seeking someone to work on the nutritional health campaign, which to date, has worked with ally organizations and institutions to pass Mexico's national soda tax, as well as to advocate for healthy school food policy, front-of-pack warning labeling, regulations on child marketed marketing, among other measures. El Poder del Consumidor is a member of Consumers International, the Alianza por la Salud Alimentaria, la Red por los Derechos de la Infancia en México, Latin NCAP, la Red por la Transición Energética y el Observatorio Ciudadano de Calidad de Aire.

Internship Description

The intern will be working with the Research Team of the Food Policy/Nutritional Health Campaign. This team conducts action-oriented research and analysis related to public health policies to prevent and combat the obesity and diabetes epidemics in Mexico, such as the sugar-sweetened beverage tax, school food policy, regulations on junk food marketing to children, front-of-pack labeling regulations, as well as food systems policy, more generally.

The intern will be responsible for working on one or two special projects with the team. The projects involve basic data collection and analysis with the potential for liaising with the Communications team to develop social media messaging to inform consumers regarding certain products and/or the need for public policies. We can tailor the project(s) to the intern’s particular interests but, in general, the objective will be to build the evidence-base and/or communications tools for the importance of the aforementioned policies in the Mexican context.

Example projects could include: analyzing and contributing to a new stage of the "My Healthy School" civic observatory of school food policy project; strengthening the product data base of the “Nutritional Scanner” app, a consumer information tool; analyzing the applicability of proposed public policies to ultra-processed foods on the Mexican market; conducting monitoring of marketing practices targeting junk food to children; or supporting the systematization of mass media campaigns and advocacy efforts to further obesity/diabetes prevention.

Intern Qualifications

  • Passion and commitment for public health, social justice and human rights research/advocacy

  • Ability to work independently in a proactive manner

  • Advanced Spanish language skills

  • Research experience

  • Familiarity with excel databases

  • Attention to detail 

  • Academic Major: Public Health, Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology, Political Science, Social Work, Public Policy/Government, Communications or related major)

Instituto RIA

Open to undergraduates and graduates

Instituto RIA, AC is a Mexican organization dedicated to generating high quality research, advocating for innovative, evidence-based public policies from a social justice framework and with a focus on promoting human rights. Access to justice, peace building and effective drug policies stand at the center of our analysis, proposals and advocacy

Internship Description

The intern will be in the research department primarily, with a bit of advocacy work depending on the current political context. The person would be tasked with background research on a paper they are writing on poppy cultivation in Mexico and a possible regulated market for medicinal poppy-based products. This person would also have the possibility of attending meetings (based on Spanish proficiency) based on the current shifts in drug policy reform underway. The person would also provide the organization with some logistical support as needed, although they would like this to be a rewarding experience for them, therefore it would be minimal and as previously stated, the focus would be on research.

Intern Qualifications

  • Intermediate to advanced Spanish would be ideal.

  • Political science, public policy, sociology, development policy, legal studies would all be fine.

  • Interest in public policies, movement building, innovations in drug policies, politics and social change processes.

  • Flexible work style since we are an adaptable, agile organization that also must respond to political needs.

  • Good at drafting, literature reviews, citations and basic research skills.

Sustainable Urban Planning and Transport


Open to undergraduates and graduates

We are an organization that specializes in providing consulting to national and international organizations, public, private and social entities in the field of sustainable urban development. We contribute to transforming cities into spaces with better environmental, economic and social performance. We also design, program and update specialized software to facilitate management processes, decision making, evaluation and communication of processes, practices, and sustainability policies.

Internship Description

Interns will be working on developing sustainable urban planning projects in Indonesia, Mexico or Mongolia.

Intern Qualifications

  • 100% English or Spanish

  • Environmental or Urban Public Policy Engineering, Economics or Social Sciences background

  • Horizontal and Independent Work Style

  • Basic computer skills needed

  • Good research skills

  • Knowledge of programming languages (Python, R), Geographical Information Systems (GIS) are a plus

CoRe Ciudades Vivibles y Amables

Open to undergraduates

CoRe Ciudades Vivibles y Amables is a small organization with a broad reach on urbanism issues in Mexico City.

Internship Description

Interns will work on research, analysis and a relevant proposal of modifications needed to land planning regulations and / or Mexico City laws to encourage the construction of affordable housing in Mexico City. The interns will undertake an analysis of the laws, urban development plans, regulations, etc. in order to propose precise changes in the laws of the City in housing.

Intern Qualifications

  • Excellent writing and research skills.

  • Interest in urban policy, affordable housing, transportation policy or urbanism.

  • Intermediate to advanced Spanish.

  • Background in architecture, urban policy, sociology, or political science.

  • Possible work experience in civil society or government.

  • Flexible work style but with a determined work ethic.


Covive is a startup that started a coliving operation in Mexico City on November 2018. They believe sharing is the future for making more sustainable and efficient cities. Their vision is making it so that sharing a house can be simple, fun and with no hassles. Right now, they offer furnished rooms for long-term rent with shared common areas (kitchen, dining, living and laundry room) in dwellings smartly operated for community life. One-monthly fee. Everything included.

Internship Description

They are currently preparing the company to go from 16 rooms to 80 rooms in 2020. Interns will be welcomed during the launching preparation of new locations and their new web app, which is an opportunity to add immediate impact and tangible value to their business. They are looking forward to receiving interns willing to choose, design and implement experiments to improve their marketing or product design. They are also very open to receiving an art intern focused on doing creative work (illustration, photo, writing, etc) that can be assembled in houses, social media or blog.

Intern Responsibilities

  • Deep dive into the startup challenges, learn our business model and present an experiment

  • Report directly to one of the two co-founders of Covive

  • Present findings at the startup sprint meeting on a biweekly basis

  • Provide written reports of their work on a weekly basis

Intern Qualifications

  • Believer in the sharing economy.

  • Build-Learn-Measure Mindset.

  • Willing to talk with potential or current customers (in Spanish or English).

  • Excited to find opportunities and implement to add tangible value.

  • Curiosity in low-cost automation, A/B Testing, Prototyping, or Customer Validation.

  • Interests: architecture, housing, interior design, innovation, marketing, web-design, lean methodology, product design.

  • Skills: Doer and problem solving with time and resources constraints.

  • Experience: has lived alone, abroad, with roommates or in a co-living project (ideal).

Housing can be provided. 


Open to graduates

Metrobus is the bus rapid transit system that serves Mexico City.

Internship Description

We will work in design the Master Program of Corredors in Mexico City. We will evaluate the potential corridors and how to generate a network of BRT in Mexico City.

Intern Qualifications

  • Experience in modeling software.

  • Experience in financial models

  • 50% of level Spanish

  • Experience in Urban Transport

  • Preferent Geographer or Urban planner.

Oficina de Resiliencia Urbana (ORU)

Open to undergraduates and graduates

ORU is an emerging practice of applied research, urban design and landscape infrastructure that explores the socio-environmental impact of a territorial dimension in design to build resilience and improve the human experience. For this, ORU expands the technical capacities of different regions, cities and communities to strengthen a culture of multi-scalar, multi-temporal and multi-actor planning that allows them to design and implement projects of urban regeneration and systemic integration.

Internship Description

We’re woking on multiple urban planning, urban design and landscape infrastructure projects. Also, we’re doing a research for the Mexico Innovation Fund at Harvard, exploring water infrastructure with Anita Berrizbeitia (Chair of the Landscape Department, GSD).

The responsibilities include:

  • Joining the ORU team for 3 weeks,
  • Helping us organize and coordinate a workshop and
  • Joining our team within our varios projects and tasks.

Intern Qualifications

  • Experience with Urban design or landscape and mapping


C Minds

Open to undergraduates and graduates

C Minds is a tech4impact agency that seeks to contribute to Mexico’s and Latin America’s social and economic development via the use of new technologies. During its 10 years of experience in impact innovation, the agency has been working with all levels of government, NGOs, civil society and the industry at an international level to promote and lead the creation of new public policies, design and implement pilot projects and contribute to a general cultural shift. Our aim is to ensure an inclusive Fourth Industrial Revolution in Mexico and Latin America.

Internship Description

Organizational - To foster social and economic development in Mexico through cross-sector initiatives that harness the power of new technologies, solving global challenges at a local level.
Personal - To grow in an innovative and collaborative environment and better understand the social innovation sector in Mexico and how technology can contribute to reaching social objectives.

To support the design, development and implementation of new and existing projects, which will mainly include Finance Innovation (incl. Open Banking), our AI for Good Lab (focus on ethics and democratizing the potential for impact of AI) and various international knowledge exchange platforms.


  • Stay up to date with technological developments

  • Research the use of technology in different sectors with a development focus

  • Support the creation of new strategies and projects or initiatives

  • Support the drafting of collaboration and financing proposals

  • Support the coordination of events and meetings

  • Support design-related activities

  • Contribute to the creation of blogs and analysis articles

Intern Qualifications

  • fluent in English and Spanish

  • interest in technology and its potential for impact

  • project management capabilities

  • ability to juggle different projects at the same time

  • ability to manage different stakeholders

  • research skills

  • professionalism

  • creativity

  • detail oriented

Hal SmartIA

Open to undergraduates and graduates

Hal SmartIA is a boutique firm that identifies solutions through the intersection of qualitative and quantitative analysis in the context of the global data revolution. The firm focuses on the development of tailored and state-to-the-art scientific products and services for real-world and complex institutional challenges.

Internship Description

Project: collaborate in the development of a digital platform for small Mexican firms in the retail sector.

Responsibilities: work in the businesses case of the platform and perform quantitative analysis for the development of the product (less or additional responsibilities will depend on the intern's qualifications).

Intern Qualifications

  • Language: English or Spanish

  • Preferred academic majors: economics, statistics, finance, computer science and physics

  • No work experience is required

  • Any undergraduate/graduate level (some level of experience with data analytics is welcome but not required)

  • Computer skills: Python and R (other skills are welcome)


Open to undergraduates and graduates

Jetty ( is a small Mexican startup with a grand goal: Creating financially viable, high-quality transit alternatives to the automobile in fiscally constrained megacities across the world. We build such alternatives from pre-existing, quasi-informal systems. Instead of displacing incumbent jitney operators, we learn what they are doing right, and change incentives so they improve their service. We introduce the pre-existing transit industry (passengers, drivers and vehicle owners) to the advantages of modern technologies. We improve their governance and administration, optimize and standardize operations, link revenues to customer satisfaction, and increase profitability. We've sold over 1 million trips through our apps and help 8K users per month get home safely.

Internship Description

The interns would work directly with our Data Scientist and Software Development team on:

  • The analysis of our routes and triggers for growth.
  • The automation of our scheduling platform.

Intern Qualifications

  • Engineering background.

  • A start-up spirit that fosters agility, teamwork and impact.

  • Ability to work in a high-growth and fast-paced environment.

  • Spanish is not required.

  • Exceptional communication skills.

  • Great analytical skills in order to make decisions based on the data.

  • An analytical mind and entrepreneurial spirit, capable of working autonomously with a minimum of guidance.